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The Love Challenge starts 1 November 2018 with over a hundred men & women around the world

We all want LOVE

We all dream of a relationship that is fun, enriching and supportive with someone we truly desire.

No matter how good your life is in other respects life is so much better with someone to share it with.

There's nothing quite like having that person you want to tell first when you have good news. And who you can rely on to support you when you have bad news.

Dating is BROKEN

Besides this, no one likes being the only single person in their group of friends. If you suspect you get fewer social invites than your couple friends then you're right. And let's not get started on the challenges of single holidays or being the only single guest at a wedding! So there are plenty of reasons to find someone to share your life (and your bed) with, but there's a problem...

If you're finding dating difficult today, you're not alone. We polled thousands of people about their experiences with dating and we discovered a LOT of shared frustrations.

Dating apps & sites promise instant access to a pool of hot single people but the reality is something different.

The average user spends many hours online to get into one interesting conversation (with someone who then disappears on them) or to get one date that goes no further. It's become easiest than ever to find a hook-up but harder than ever to find love.

Simply downloading a different app or paying for another site is not going to solve it.

Surely there's a better way than this?

The smarter way to date & find love

I'm John Williams and I've been obsessed with finding solutions to life's greatest challenges for decades. That's why I founded my company The Ideas Lab 13 years ago and since then have helped 1000s of people to change their lives.

My first book Screw Work Let's Play was named 'buzz book of the summer' by The Sunday Times and has been translated into 9 languages. My second book Screw Work Break Free is also a bestseller and is currently being translated into Chinese.

At the beginning of 2018 I committed to tackling a new challenge - that of finding love. 

I was hearing from so many men & women that the dating world is too superficial, too stressful, and just doesn't work for them.

So I immersed myself in the topic of modern dating, polled thousands of people on their experience, consulted the specialist experts in flirting, confidence, dating & relationships and formulated a smarter way to find love. 

I made myself the first guinea pig since I had come out of a relationship over a year before. The results were dramatic. I found that at long last I could find dates with women I really clicked with, that I could actually relax & enjoy those dates and I could move things forward to further dates when I wanted to. 

This stuff works!

What I was doing immediately attracted interest from the media: Psychologies magazine wrote a 2-page feature on The Love Challenge and I then teamed up with them to create a special one-off podcast.

But I knew I had to go further - to create a powerful online experience for hundreds of men & women to discover the smarter way to date, get radically improved results and find the partner they've always longer for. 

The Love Challenge is a transformational online experience running 1-30 November 2018 when you can join hundreds of people around the world discovering a smarter way to find love and putting it into practice in their own lives.

Imagine it: a community of supportive, friendly men & women immersed in the mission of transforming their dating life and having fun doing it!

Join the smart dating movement

It's time to get SMART & get results!

Discover how in The Love Challenge

Transform your dating & love life in 30 days and find the partner you've always longed for

How to open a conversation with someone you like wherever you happen to be.

7 flirting keys to communicate attraction, stay out of the 'friendzone' & raise the temperature whenever you want to - even if you've considered yourself unable to flirt until now.

The mindset shift that is guaranteed to double your attractiveness.

10 different ways to open a conversation with someone you like the look of - without cheesy pickup lines or openers.

3 'tells' that show you when someone on a date is not being completely honest with you.

The one innocent question you can ask someone you fancy to find out if they're single.

The Smart Dating strategy to use on apps to turn them to your advantage - so you get a flood of dates with people you really click with in a fraction of the time.

The 'Clooney Method' to distinguish those genuinely looking for a relationship from those looking for something more casual (despite what they may say).

A massive boost of confidence, ready to go out into the world with a big smile across your face and go into dating situations with a new relaxed confidence (even if right now you're feeling completely jaded)

The 3-part framework that will show you how to break your pattern of unsuitable partners.

Two simple communication structures that create intimacy & defuse tension.

A new understanding of the underlying masculine & feminine ‘operating systems’ that will explain so much!

The secrets to creating true intimacy in sex.





Live Masterclasses with 9 Amazing Expert Guests

Create awesome dating profile images

Saskia Nelson

Learn tricks from the world's #1 dating photographer, Saskia

Debug your relationship patterns

Jody Day

Psychotherapist & Gateway Women founder Jody will show how to fix your relationship patterns

Flirt with ease

Faisal Khokhar

Supercharge your flirting & dating skills with an international attraction coach

Masculine + feminine operating systems

Mai Hua

Find the opposite sex confusing? We'll unravel it all with French video blogger Mai

Connect with anyone & meet more people

Natasha Stanley

Learn how you can meet people wherever you go without using online dating

Visualise & attract your perfect match

Gina Swire

Map out your ideal partner & attract them with self-love coach Gina

Make a sexual connection

Jan Day

Discover how to have thrilling and fulfilling sex with tantra teacher & relationship coach Jan

Stretch your comfort zone

Jerry Hyde

Therapist & author Jerry will help you find new ways to improve your dating life

Insider dating secrets

Geneviève Zawada

ElectClub matchmaking founder Genevieve will tell you what really works to find your match fast!

We've called in the greatest experts on flirting, online dating, real-world dating, meeting people, and healthy relationships to hold interactive masterclasses by video link - and you get to ask your own questions. All masterclasses are also recorded for you to watch later.

The momentum & support of a global community

One of the things participants love most about our powerful online experiences is being part of a community of hundreds of participants around the world going through the same experience at the same time

Research shows that one of the most powerful forces for change is to immerse yourself in a community & culture that wants the same things you do and will support & encourage you every step of the way.

The Love Challenge takes place inside our own private community platform that only we have access to and we have an app to keep you connected everywhere you go. The hardest thing is saying goodbye at the end! I guess that's why our participants end up friends for many years afterwards (and yes we've seen relationships form that are still going years later).

What have you always wanted to ask the opposite sex?

If you could anonymously ask the opposite sex (or even your own sex) any question at all what would it be?

Would it be about sex? What turns the opposite sex on? What constitutes good sex for them?

What really makes a man attractive to women?

What do men think of dating older women?

What kills a date dead before the evening's over?

We all have these questions but usually we're too polite or embarrassed to ask

So we're giving you a chance to ask all of them in an anonymous chatroom in The Love Challenge AMA sessions or 'Ask Me Anything'.




JUST £497 

(Including VAT)

Discover the smart way to find love with daily bite-size lessons on flirting, confidence, dating, & relationships


Live interactive masterclasses with guest experts to dive deeper into every aspect of dating, relationships & sex


Anonymous chatroom sessions to ask the opposite sex those questions you've always to wanted to ask!


Weekly checkins with our accountability coach Julia to keep you on track


The momentum & support of our awesome global community of 100+ people on the same journey at the same time


Your blocks to finding love dissolved and your dating life transformed!


I've seen dating consultants and courses that are priced at £6000 and even £12,000.

But I have decided I want to make The Love Challenge accessible to as many people as possible and create an awesome global community of hundreds of people - so I've set the price for The Love Challenge to something amazingly low...

Got a question?

How much time do I need available to take part?

We show you how to make progress on your love life in as little as 20 minutes a day. You’ll also probably want some time to join in the discussion in the community (it can be addictive!) but how much you do that is entirely up to you. 

Of course the more time you can put in (eg at the weekend), the faster you'll progress but you’ll be amazed what you can achieve in short slots of time every day when we show you how.

Do I need to be in the UK?

Not at all! We typically have participants from all over Europe, the US, Africa and Australasia. In fact some people take the challenge while travelling around the world. As long as you can get online regularly, you can join! Just be sure to send us a photo of your location so we can enjoy it too

When does it start?

The private online community opens Wednesday 31 October for kick off on 1 November 2018. But the pricing is set to change as we get closer to kickoff so do grab your place NOW!

I am L/G/B/T, is The Love Challenge for me?

Everyone is welcome! We don't have modules or guest experts aimed specifically at LGBT participants but the majority of what we discuss (even when we reference the masculine/feminine dynamic) applies across all relationships. If you have any specific concerns do ask us in the live chat window.

When are you running it again?

This is a one-off event so please don't miss it if you know you need to change your love life! And let's face it, is your life ever going to be quieter than it is now? After all, how much longer do you want to continue with things as they are?

I am away for some of November. Should I still join?

You can take part in The Love Challenge from anywhere in the world using a browser or our mobile app so as long as you can get online regularly you can take part.

If you're planning to be offline for a few days that's OK because you will be able to catchup later. All the Masterclass recordings will be available for you to watch after The Love Challenge is over.

Do I need to be single to join?

You're welcome to join if you're in a relationship because there is a lot to learn about self-esteem, flirting, sex and relationships even if you are not looking for someone new. We will ask everyone to indicate their relationship status when we start so other participants know if you're available.

Can we ask other participants on a date?

Yes you can. And if you're looking for something deeper & more authentic it's great to know you're surrounded by people with the same desire. We have some simple rules around this so that everybody can have a good time.

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