Clear the blocks that are holding you back & find the partner you've always longed for

Created by Bestselling Author and Coach John Williams in collaboration with the leading experts in the dating industry.


We all want LOVE - but what if we are our own biggest obstacle?

We all dream of a relationship that is fun, enriching and supportive with someone we truly desire.

But aside from all the external factors today sometimes we are actually our own biggest obstacle to finding the right person.

Perhaps you've become demotivated. (I meet plenty of men and women who have just about given up on dating altogether.)

Why are so many of us struggling with dating today?

If you're finding dating difficult today, you're not alone. We polled thousands of people about their experiences with dating and we discovered a LOT of shared frustrations.

Dating apps & sites promise instant access to a pool of hot single people but the reality is very different.

The average user spends many hours online to get into one interesting conversation (with someone who then disappears on them) or to get one date that goes no further. It's become easier than ever to find a hook-up but harder than ever to find love.

If you're going to make dating work for you, you're going to need a smarter strategy.

Or when you get into a dating situation your nerves or your desire to 'get it right' on the night make it a miserable experience for you - and your date doesn't get to see you at your best.

Sometimes we simply self-sabotage - ruling people out for the slightest flaw, or consistently getting attracted to people who don't turn out to be right for us.

So we need a new approach to dating & relationships - one that's smarter, deeper & more authentic. And that's why I created The Love Challenge Academy.

The smarter, deeper & more authentic way to date & find love

I'm John Williams and I've been obsessed with finding solutions to life's greatest challenges for decades. That's why I founded my company The Ideas Lab 13 years ago and since then have helped 1000s of people to change their lives.

My books Screw Work Let's Play and Screw Work Break Free have been recommended in The Sunday Times, The Guardian and many other newspapers & magazines and have now been translated into 10 languages. 

At the beginning of 2018 I committed to tackling a new challenge - that of finding love. 

I was hearing from so many men & women that the dating world is too superficial, too stressful, and just doesn't work for them.

So I immersed myself in the topic of modern dating, polled thousands of people on their experience, applied everything I'd learned about psychology & self-development from decades of research, and consulted specialist experts in flirting, confidence, dating & relationships to formulate a smarter way to find love. 

What I was creating quickly attracted interest from the media: Psychologies magazine wrote a 2-page feature on The Love Challenge and I then teamed up with them to create a special one-off podcast.

But I knew I had to go further - to create a powerful online programme for men & women to discover the smarter, deeper way to date, get radically improved results and find the partner they've always longer for. 

We ran it in a test-run in November 2018 and the feedback was fantastic. 

This stuff works!

Now, we've improved it even more and turned into a home-study course that you can take at your own pace to clear the blocks that are holding you back, and finally find the right person for you. 

Welcome to The Love Challenge Academy.

psychologies magazine feature the love challenge with John Williams

“I thought I should let you know how well your course worked. I have now finally met someone (after 3 years!)

Just weeks after your course finished I finally allowed someone to get close to me. I didn’t realise how shut off I’d become and how jaded with the whole process. Huge huge thanks for running the course and creating big wide smiles on both my man and me!” - Andrea

The Love Challenge Academy

The Love Challenge Academy is a transformational online programme where you can work in confidence and at your own pace in order to discover the smarter, deeper & more authentic way to find love. Join a movement of people around the world who are putting these ideas into practice and getting radical results in their own lives.

  • Uncover the patterns and blocks that have stopped you finding the right person until now
  • Cure your fear of rejection in one day
  • How to stay out of the 'friendzone' & raise the temperature whenever you want to without fear of saying or doing something inappropriate
  • The mindset shift that is guaranteed to double your attractiveness
  • 10 different ways to open a conversation with someone you like the look of - without cheesy pickup lines or openers
  • How to say no without hurting someone
  • Video workshop showing you a fun exercise to stretch your comfort zone a little and try new ways to find dates


  • The 5-part S.M.A.R.T Dating Strategy that turns what is usually a fake, stressful process into something authentic that you actually enjoy
  • Video workshop on visualising and attracting your perfect mate
  • The 4-step process to find lots of well-matched dates without ever going online
  • The shift in thinking - and 6 practical traits - that turn you into a natural superflirt - even if you currently consider yourself terrible at flirting
  • A massive boost of confidence, ready to go out into the world with a big smile across your face and go into dating situations with a new relaxed confidence (even if right now you're feeling completely jaded)


  • How to turn dating apps to your advantage - so you get a flood of dates with people you really click with in a fraction of the time
  • Science-backed strategies for online dating that are proven to work
  • 4 do's and 3 don'ts to create profile photos that win you the dates you want
  • 3 clues to look for that show you someone is not really single


  • The secrets to putting aside anxiety and creating true intimacy in sex
  • The unexpected key to a more adventurous sex life
  • How to reawaken your sexual self when you've been out of the game for some time
  • Our recommended (& fun!) viewing for critical sex skills


  • The 3-part framework that will finally make sense of your role in previous relationships and how to connect in a more satisfying way
  • The 3-step communication structure to ask your partner to do something different without getting into an argument
  • A new understanding of the underlying masculine & feminine ‘operating systems’ that will explain so much!
  • A simple habit to start to create good feelings in your relationships
  • The two most common ways we sabotage our own relationships, where it comes from, and what to do about it so that you can make the next relationship your best ever


Our online learning portal delivers a series of 40 'Love Lessons', carefully designed to teach you the SMART dating approach:

  • 20 lessons written with John's trademark depth, warmth, humour in a mix of profound ideas & practical advice
  • Video lessons with John diving into some of the most fundamental topics
  • 8+ full-length video masterclass interviews with experts on flirting, dating, and relationships
  • Simple self-checkin process to ensure you keep momentum, appreciate how far you've come and embed what you're learning
  • Multimedia checklists, templates, guides and resources

The Love Challenge Academy goes deeper....



"Having been single for over five years, I met a guy a couple of weeks after completing The Love Challenge. We’re still together and I’m happy.

Thank you so much John for setting this up. I really appreciate your openness and honesty; I think that gave me faith in finding someone at all after such a long time.” - Frankie



"Do it...I think if you've not been actively dating and avoidant of it this is a good way

 to push you towards why that is." Tessa

"Johns’ approach to dating is unique, it’s not just about ‘man or woman up’ it’s more about the whole of you and letting you look at yourself fragment by fragment and to understand the subtlety of the problems within us, rather than blaming the whole dating system." Andrea

"You will learn a lot about who you are in a relationship and what you really want in 

and from a potential partner. Lots of practical tips too!" Vanessa

"You will learn what is stopping you from finding love." Susan

"Give yourself a month to find access to a New You....." Angela

"You will still be single in a few months' time if you don't do it!" Julian

"Online dating can sap your confidence. The Love Challenge has created a positive mindset, built my confidence and helped me work out what I want in a relationship." Gary

"The Love Challenge really has down to earth, common sense, useable information." Ken

"It's a good holistic look at you and relationships". H

"Some of my fixed ideas are more open now, I think differently about who a possible partner could be, more relaxed as I discovered my experience is normal!" V

INCLUDED! Exclusive Video Masterclasses with 9 Amazing Expert Guests

Create awesome dating profile images

Saskia Nelson

Learn tricks from the world's #1 dating photographer, Saskia

Debug your relationship patterns

Jody Day

Psychotherapist & Gateway Women founder Jody will show how to fix your relationship patterns

Masculine + feminine operating systems

Mai Hua

Find the opposite sex confusing? We'll unravel it all with French video blogger Mai

Connect with anyone & meet more people

Natasha Stanley

Learn how you can meet people wherever you go without using online dating

Visualise & attract your perfect match

Gina Swire

Map out your ideal partner & attract them with self-love coach Gina

Make a sexual connection

Jan Day

Discover how to have thrilling and fulfilling sex with tantra teacher & relationship coach Jan

Stretch your comfort zone

Jerry Hyde

Therapist & author Jerry will help you find new ways to improve your dating life

Insider dating secrets

Geneviève Zawada

Elite matchmaker Genevieve will tell you what really works to find your match fast!

We've called in the greatest experts on flirting, online dating, real-world dating, meeting people, and healthy relationships to deliver unique hour long video masterclasses tailored specifically for you.

Creating Chemistry

Kapil Gupta

Using the masculine/feminine dynamic to create sparks

"You will learn what is stopping you from finding love." Susan


I've put everything I know into The Love Challenge. From the first time we ran the online experience we've had amazing results. The truth is that this stuff works so I'm happy to back that up with a guarantee for anyone who puts the lessons in The Love Challenge into action. If you don't love The Love Challenge I insist you get 100% of your money back - even including credit card and PayPal fees.

The guarantee runs for 30 days from when you start the course. Just email us at any point during that time, show you're doing the exercises and not getting results. We'll refund 100% of what you paid. You can even keep any bonuses you received - at my expense.


Discover the SMART way to find love with 40 easy-to-digest lessons on confidence, flirting, dating, & relationships

9 hours of expert video masterclasses to dive deeper into critical topics in dating, sex & relationships 

Your blocks to finding love dissolved and your dating life transformed!

Lifetime access to our online learning hub

Downloadable worksheets and resources



(Including VAT)

Buy now and get a one-to-one consultation with bestselling author and the creator of The Love Challenge Academy, John Williams. 

Get your questions answered on where to start in the Academy to get the biggest impact straight away and other advice straight from John.

Got a question?

How much time do I need available to take part?

We show you how to make progress on your love life in as little as 20 minutes a day. You'll want to take some time after this to reflect and complete the short actions that accompany the lessons. 

Of course the more time you can put in (eg at the weekend), the faster you'll progress but you’ll be amazed what you can achieve in short slots of time when we show you how.

Who can take part?

The Love Challenge Academy has been created so that you can participate from anywhere in the world.

I am L/G/B/T/Q, is The Love Challenge for me?

Everyone is welcome! We don't have modules or guest experts aimed specifically at LGBTQ participants but the majority of what we discuss (even when we reference the masculine/feminine dynamic) applies across all relationships. If you have any specific concerns do ask us in the live chat window.

What are the dates of the course?

There are no set dates. The course can be done over whatever timescale you need and you will have lifetime access allowing you to really get to grips with the info and make lasting changes that really deliver.

What do I need in order to take part?

All you need is a computer or mobile phone and access to the internet.

Do I need to be single to join?

You're welcome to join if you're in a relationship because there is a lot to learn about self-esteem, flirting, sex and relationships even if you are not looking for someone new. 

Who is The Love Challenge for?

The Love Challenge is for all women and men who have become frustrated with their current dating situation and are ready to try something new that will finally get results.

I'm exhausted with dating! I haven't got the energy to try something new.

The Love Challenge is not a race. It's here to give you the support you need whatever stage you're at. The comprehensive programme can be done at any speed and in any order. You call the shots. Also, we make it fun with plenty of encouragement and humour along the way :)

Who's behind The Love Challenge?

The Love Challenge has been created by John Williams under his company The Ideas Lab. John has been helping people change their lives for almost 15 years now and his work has been featured in The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Financial Times, Psychologies Magazine, Red magazine and BBC Radio among others.

"Online dating can sap your confidence. The Love Challenge has created a positive mindset, built my confidence and helped me work out what I want in a relationship." Gary


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